Gardening Angel Garden Design, LLC
Gardening Angel Garden Design, LLC
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CONSULT ~ We begin the process with a phone call or an email to set up a consultation appointment. Each consultation lasts at least an hour during which we discuss your ideas, dreams and needs while I take photographs (if we're going to go forward with designs) and notes. Within that time I can answer a lot of questions and come up with solutions on the spot. Here is where we decide if you would like to move forward with a design. Call 612 206 7089 or email to set up your appointment!

YOUR GARDEN IS A WORK OF ART ~ Although I'm trained in various methods of designing via landscape imaging computer programs, ultimately I found the visual results aesthetically clunky and the method created a feeling of being separate from the project ideas and the client. When I meet with a client, I discover how it is they like to communicate, what makes sense to them and what their personal feelings are about their outdoor living spaces. It is my job to translate this as I design within the client's budget. Finally, I discovered that computer design takes about as long to do as my method of hand drawing combined with photography does.

DESIGN ~ After the initial client consultation, photography combined with hand drawn renderings is how I create the designs for your project. Designs can be elaborate or simple - whatever the budget requires - and they can be changed and added to as we develop more ideas along the way! Hand drawn designs are combined with actual photographs of the plants during different seasons so you can get an idea of what your space will look like year round. I also provide you with an extensive plant list with my special reduced price included.

SOURCE ~ If you would like to do your own digging and planting, I can provide you with all your plants- I choose only the most robust plants- including perennials, trees, shrubs and annuals, and have them delivered to your door at a price that will always be less than retail. Save hours of shopping and hoping the store has what you want because I'll source them for you at the best places and the best prices. Same with boulders, stones, and pavers for walls, paths and patios.

INSTALLATION ~ If you're interested in having your entire project installed for you, my job will be to find the best contractor for your job and work with you and them, and to help you manage your entire project.